HDPE Electrofusion Welding Machine

AKIRA® Brand manufactures HDPE Electrofusion Welding Machine suitable for Electrofusion Fittings. Our Electrofusion Machine has inbuild transformer with high quality heavy duty coil to protect it from voltage fluctuation due to Generator used at site. Electrofusion Machine comes with Auto Scanner & Chamfering Tool and is warranted for 6 months for any manufacturing defect


Features :

  1. Design and according to IS012176 electro-fusion welder international standard.

  2. High level MCU is used as control core, equipped with LCD display, all welding parameters could be displayed.

  3. Light weight, easy operation.

  4. By real-time monitoring weld status, abnormal welding process could be terminated in short time.

  5. Built in memory, can record more than 500 welding records.

  6. Welding records could be download to USB flash disk via USB interface. (Optional Function)

  7. Welding wiring is easy and simple to avoid wiring error.

  8. Welding parameters input modes: (1) Manually Set (2) Read in by bar code scanner.

Welding Range(mm) 20-200mm 20-315mm 20-500mm 20-800mm
Input Voltage (V) AC 170-250 50HZ
Output Power (KW) 2KW 3KW 5KW 11KW
Output Voltage (KW) 8-48V
Control Mode Constant Current/Constant Volatge
Temp. Measuring Precision (0C) ± 0.50C
Weight (KG) 20 25 28 18